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1 Atlas Project Overview


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Helix DNA Client v3.0 - Atlas

Last updated: 2006-11-28

Table of Contents

  1. Atlas Project Overview
  2. Atlas Project Working Groups
  3. How to participate

1 Atlas Project Overview


Project Atlas is intended to deliver improved architecture that will provide higher degree of modularization. It is expected to yield more efficiency and scalability in the final products using Helix DNA Client as well as in the development (production) cycle. In addition, Atlas will extend its feature offering further in the direction of universality (Windows Media, H.264), standards (JSR135) and content access speed (PlayNow 2.0). See Atlas Project User Guide for more information on architecture vision and time-line. For details on features, designs and schedules explore the pages of the corresponding working groups.

  • Start Date: 04 Nov 2005
  • End Date: 29 Dec 2006 (Atlas Project timeline was extended to include WM-DRM licensing agent and WM .asx fileformat suppoort)
  • Status: Stabilization
    • Completed:
      • - Atlas architecture
      • - H.264 support
      • - Java middleware (JSR135 support)
      • - Play Now 2.0
      • - Windows Media integration
      • - Windows Media DRM integration
      • - Windows Media integration limited merge to Cayenne project
    • Current Activity:
      • - Windows Media integration testing
      • - Windows Media DRM integration testing
      • - Windows Media DRM HTTP Licensing Agent
      • - General Stabilization
    • Work remaining:
      • - Windows Media DRM HTTP Licensing Agent testing
  • Responsible Engineers:
    • Greg Wright
    • Henry Ping
    • Anil Jaiswal
    • Eric Hyche
    • Erik Hodge
    • Pankaj Gupta
    • Sateesh Gadamsetty
    • Sheldon Fu
    • Christina Dunn
    • Milko Boic
  • Project Manager: Milko Boic

2 Atlas Working Groups

3 How to participate

We are always looking for talented developers, testers and program managers. If you would like to join this project to accelerate it, enhance it, expand it or just learn by doing, feel free to contact the project manager for Atlas with your list of objectives and planned contributions. You may also choose to get involved informally on the mailing lists.

Mailing Lists:

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