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Helix DNA Client SDKs


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Helix DNA Client SDKs

Helix DNA Client offers a rich set of APIs that allow tight integration with GUI/application code as well as augmentation of the media engine capabilities through plugins. It is also possible to use portions of Helix DNA Client technology to complete an existing media engine solution.

  • Software Development Kits
    • Helix Client and Server SDK(r5 draft) - Draft of the Helix Client and Server Software Development Kit, which includes an in-depth overview of key portions of the Helix DNA Architecture, documentation on producing server-side and client-side plugins (including documentation for community Client and Server samples), as well as how to create media clients based on the Helix client engine. Also includes Interface, Structure, and Function lists for important portions of the architecture.
      PDF Version, encompassed in two volumes (download both!): Volume1 Volume2
    • Embedded Development Kit: Hardware Decoder Integration Guide - Document describing recommended ways to integrate hardware decoding of audio and/or video with the Helix DNA Client media engine. PDF Version
    • DRM Plugin Interface: Helix Client DRM Plugin API Specification details the interfaces used to add stream-based DRM Plugins (HelixDRM, WMDRM, OMA2.0) to Helix DNA Client.
    • Secure Media Download Kit: Secure Media & Progressive Download Integration Guide - Document describing recommended ways to integrate file based DRM to Helix DNA Client and options for dealing with progressive download of DRM protected or DRM free media.
    • Progressive Download Kit: Section 2 of Secure Media & Progressive Download Integration Guide describes various progressive download options within Helix DNA Client and provides an overview of Progressive Download Status Reporting integration with player application code.
    • Datatype Driver Framework: Developer Guide to DtDriver Framework describes ways of leveraging datatype components to perform meta-data and media-data extraction, ecoding, transcoding, decryption, transcryption and transformating at faster than real-time speeds.
    • Real Format SDK - The Real Format SDK is the minimal SDK necessary for playing back RealAudio and RealVideo (local and streaming). It is targeted at device manufacturers as well as desktop application developers who want to integrate RealAudio and RealVideo playback, but don't necessarily need the full functionality of the Helix DNA client. It can also be very useful tool for those porting the Real Codecs to a new platform, as it includes streamlined versions of the surrounding components required to validate functional integration of the new codecs, as a possible validation step prior to porting the remainder of the Helix DNA Client to the platform.
      Note: Execution of the Real Format Source Code Porting and Optimization License - Client is required in order to gain access to this SDK.

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